BASIC (British American Security Information Council)
Think tank working for a world free of nuclear weapons. Publications

Forces Watch
Scrutinises ethics of UK armed forces recruitment practices, challenges militarist values in civilian society

Peace Direct
Supports peace initiatives worldwide. Publications

Remote Control Project
Research on armed drones. Publications

Rethinking Security
Network of campaign/advocacy groups/UK academics. Publications

Turning the Tide
Supports nonviolent social change at the grassroots. Workshops

Supports the development, implementation and effectiveness of international agreements and related regional and national initiatives.

British Pugwash
Scientists concerned with abolition of WMDs, etc. Research, publications

CAAT, Campaign Against Arms Trade
Campaigns against UK arms sales. Publications

Northern Friends Peace Board
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Quaker Peace and Social Witness
Quaker campaigning and activist peace organisation. Publications

Remote Control Project
Explore effects of remote warfare, raise public awareness, facilitate debate amongst policy makers, promote alternatives to covert military intervention.

Safer World
Independent international ngo working to prevent worldwide violent conflict

Veterans for Peace, UK
Veterans working non-violently for end to arms race, raising public awareness of costs of war, etc.