Eurosatory is the largest land & air-land arms trade fair in the world. It covers a wide range of "products" from vehicles (tanks, armoured vehicles, trucks) to small arms (guns, missiles, knives) through communications systems, uniforms, logistics services, and also simulation, operational medicine and disaster responses, etc. 'Security' sales include monitoring, alert and emergency responses solutions as well as civil security with the presence of firefighter, among other institutions.

Eurosatory's primary business of selling arms grows every year at the expense of investment and focus on effective, known and innovative non-violent solutions to defence and security. The next arms salon in France will be June 8 -12 June 2020 at Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris.


MYTH: "We only sell weapons to our allies."

Yesterday’s friends are today’s problems - Iraq / Syria /Afghanistan - yet few arms licenses are denied, even to repressive regimes. The UK grants 99% of arms export licenses despite knowing that arms meant for ‘national defence’ are routinely used against dissenters or religious or ethnic groups.

FACT: UK made bombs are falling on civilians in Yemen. French arms prop up an Egyptian regime that uses arbitrary jailings, executions and torture. Weapons sold to allies end up in unfriendly hands. ISIS is effectively armed by the weapons being transferred to different groups in Syria.

FACT: Criminal and gang violence is fuelled by ‘legitimately bought’ weapons, but incredibly there is more traceability for cheese sales than arms sales, and more international laws regulating the trade in bananas than the trade in weapons. Arms deals should not be considered legitimate or acceptable tools of foreign policy.

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