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The How and Why?

Why am I part of ‘Stop Fuelling War’? Why do I help with organising the demonstrations? Why do I demonstrate at all?
These are not questions I already know the answers to. These are questions I use as a trick to get you reading these words. About five years ago I was an ordinary man like so many. Married, children, friends, hobbies. Yes, I was a Quaker then too. But I had not demonstrated in all my life.
I had not demonstrated all my life.
Why not?

“The artist speaks” 😉

Hello, my name is Erik Dries, I’m dutch and professional artist and I’m part of the steering committee of Stop Fuelling war. I like to draw and paint and so you’ll find cartoons and paintings I made on our website and during the demonstrations.
How does it work? How does a painting or drawing come alive?
Somebody asked me ‘do you see the picture in your mind when you start?’ Hmmm, I have never thought about that. I’d like to tell you something about this process of creating an illustration or a cartoon.

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