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Eurosatory 2020 cancelled!

The largest land and landair arms fair in the world, Eurosatory, scheduled for June 2020 in Paris is cancelled!!

With Covid-19, we can now all see that the threats facing humanity - health crises, degradation of the environment, conflicts over resources, rampant inequality - CAN'T be solved by highly expensive weaponry. Rather, governments should redirect resources to enable scientists and researchers to find solutions to protect the lives, health and livelihoods of all.

Eurosatory shamefully promotes weapons sales to all customers, including those involved in wars, human rights abusers and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) who spend their limited budgets on weaponry rather than on health, welfare and peacebuilding. Eurosatory has been cancelled due to health concerns surrounding Covid-19. So this year is different. This year we have a unique opportunity: to recognise and act to secure the quality of life for everyone.

Transform Eurosatory to peacebuilding or cancel it forever!

However, we know that arms deals are still being agreed behind closed doors and we want to continuing campaigning whilst adjusting to the new digital challenges. Todays task is to avoid returning to business as usual.
What a turn of events there has been during these last few months , both consequences terrible and hopeful. In a crisis whatever is broken in society gets revealed for just how broken it is, It is time to reflect and seize the opportunity to behave differently and assess the present way of being.

We see that so many events in 2020 wild fires, Covid 19, flooding, locusts and various disasters caused by the climate emergency cannot be solved by the military industrial complex and profit for the arms industries. While recognising the role that emergency services play, including the army, we need to take this opportunity to REWRITE OUR FUTURE.

Here are some of the positives that have come from the pandemic:
• Health workers not soldiers have become the new heroes
• Essential and low paid workers such as farm and supermarket workers, refuse collectors, cleaners and care home workers have been recognised for their true value (more valuable in a health crisis than highly paid executives who put profit above all).
• Bombs, guns, and massively expensive state of the art weapons technology are a myth for the security and defence of civilians when basic health care is underfunded, and coordinated community responses are lacking.
• The united Nations call to SILENCE THE GUNS which even Saudi Arabia is responding to in Yemen.
• The earth has been able to take a pollution, methane and CO2 break and breathe again as factories closed, planes stopped flying and we stopped travelling. We can readdress the climate emergency in the light of this change.
• We see all across the world how interlinked we are.
• Factories were seen to re-purpose their production in a very short time, including some arms companies production. Helping us address arms industry re–purposing with new examples.
• Scientists and subject experts regained their status
• We recognise what is really important to us as individuals.

“Disasters and emergencies do not just throw light on the world as it is. They also rip open the fabric of normality. Through the hole that opens up, we glimpse possibilities of other worlds.” Peter C Blake journalist

Here is a link to a newspaper article What does ‘national defence' mean in a pandemic? It's no time to buy fighter jets by George Monbiot https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/08/national-defence-corona-pandemic-fighter-jets


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