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2022 Report and onwards

2022 for SFW was a period of consolidation but the third quarter was a time of great change

Our two French staff, guided and led by Holly Spencer worked on publicity through social media, podcasts, press and building our resources and research .base. We worked with Shadow World and corruption tracker in the UK. By the time the staff left at the end of September due to a funding crisis we had a strong library of related material in French and English. We continued to work in both languages and our steering committee which,, brought in others who had worked in the field of peace building , both civilian and military.

SFW Presidents Report: RAPPORT MORAL 2021

During 2021 SFW was placed on a much more professional level as Djamila and Alice gained experience and skill. Under the guiding hand of our events consultant Holly who led the president and others kicking and grumbling into the 21st century working primarily with online systems. Alice and Djamila were based in Paris sharing a cramped office with MAN and Non violence XXI.  We strengthened relationships with various European and French networks, ENAAT, (European Network against the Arms trade) NON SNU  ( National Universal Service)and Church and Peace.  With European Quaker groups, World Beyond War in Canada and worldwide, GDAMS (Global  Days of Action Against  Military Spending), SPAN (Security Policy Alternatives Network),  The international network of peace groups,  The BeeGees, based in Brussels and this year we had observer status at the UN Arms Trade Treaty body. We were contacted by researchers setting up a French Peace Institute, the International Peace Bureau.  We have been building our relationships with UK  groups notably Shadow World UK and Corruption watch as well as building our base of friendly journalists, publications and other NGOs.

One week after Eurosatory 2022, our assessment


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Eurosatory took place in Villepinte, welcoming thousands of visitors for the exhibition that claims to be the biggest in the world on air-land defence. Between the two rounds of the legislative elections, Eurosatory took place in an even more opaque and closed context than usual.

 EU Presidency and European defence: serving French military interests?

Afghanistan photos blog Carmel

Since January 1, France has held the presidency of the European Union for a period of six months. European defence is one of the government's top priorities for this presidency. In particular, the executive has imposed on its 'partners' the requirement of concluding the discussions on the Strategic Compass project in March 2022. Yet this text proposes a major evolution towards a future Defence Union by defining a common strategic vision for the 27. Such a document should therefore be the result of calm negotiations, not of a timetable imposed for internal political reasons. Behind the pro-European discourse, is it not a question of making national, or even partisan, interests prevail, or to put it more bluntly, of using the EU as a showcase and source of subsidies for French military power? The most striking example is that of the European Defence Fund (EDF)1, for which France has promoted its own interests since its conception.

The Failure of Peace-building in Afghanistan


Only three cups of tea?

As an Irish tea drinker it could not have been easier to break the ice with the Afghans. Sharing a cup of tea creates that moment of welcome and conviviality that opens every meeting, giving everyone a moment to settle in and eye up your fellow tea drinkers. Drinking as much tea as I do made me an honorary Afghan. I loved the time I spent in Afghanistan, criss-crossing Kabul from meeting to meeting, Ministry to Embassy, and occasionally to small NGO offices.

What's going on in Colombia?

Recently protests emerged due to political situation in Colombia, police violences caused many deaths and injuries. Santiago, a SFW’s volunteer, shares his views in this article.
These issues can be seen all over the world. If you would like to become a volunteer and share your story with us, wherever you are, we would be delighted to publish it! Fill in this form and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

214810873 506278863997117 5808514894381435045 nProtest June 12, 2021 (Paris)

Colombia has historically suffered from the atrocities created by violence, a cruelty that has taken so many innocent lives, dreams and destroyed many families. Despite being one of the world’s most beautiful countries with magnificent and breath-taking ecological diversity, our country has been damaged by individuals, by political parties and by the few who have consistently fuelled the war machine for their own benefit. Our ruling parties have always decided that the best response to every problem is to create and maintain a state of undeclared war on its own citizens, by controlling them through fear, winning elections through corruption by cheating and buying votes. This is a country where every single government has preferred to kill us rather than guarantee our civil rights. Our response as Colombians has been to resist this murderous trend; we’ve learned to survive in a country where ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’ seem weird ideas, but now the flame of resistance has grown until we said, ‘Enough is Enough’.

Should France be rolling out the red carpet for human rights abusers?

A Stop Fuelling War response to Egypt’s reception in France 7/12/2020 and weapons sales.

On the 7th December 2020, the French president Macron welcomed Egyptian Head of State Al-Sissi for an official state visit. In a press conference Macron stated that Egypt was an ally in the fight against terrorism. This is our response.

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Photo credit: Marc Javierre Kohan, photojournalist, Eurosatory

The birthplace of human rights rejects human rights.

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