1.      An annual report published by the Institute for Economy and Peace which ranks countries according to the level of peacefulness achieved, Global Peace Index 2020 (EN)

global peace index
2.      Summary of a session on the links between corruption and peacebuilding during the Stockholm Peace Forum 2019 organised by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), Corruption and Peacebuilding SIPRI (EN)

stockholm peace and development

3.      A report on good practices to be implemented according to local actors drawing lessons from US public policies in peacebuilding, Peace Direct local peacebuilders perspectives on the U.S. Global Fragility Act (EN)

local peacebuilding
4.      A brief published by Peace Direct to identify current issues between peacebuilding policies and their implementation on the ground at the local level, Towards locally led peacebuilding partnership (EN)

peacebuilding partnership

5.      A short fact sheet published by International Alert to understand the basics of peacebuilding, What’s Peacebuilding (EN),conflicts%20without%20resorting%20to%20violence.

international alert peacebuilding

6.      A report published by the Institute for Economics and Peace analysing the consequences of the covid-19 outbreak on world peace,  Covid19 and Peace (EN)

covid and peace economic and peace


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