Arms Trade

1.      Text of the Arms Trade Treaty (international legal framework) (EN)

2013 TCA

2.      A report from SIPRI mapping the arms industry:
Mapping the international presence of arms companies (EN)'s%20Largest%20Arms%20Companies,-Dr%20Lucie%20B%C3%A9raud&text=The%20mapping%20shows%20that%20the,world's%20biggest%20arms%20import%20markets.

SIPRI mapping international presence 

3.      An interactive online map to assess small arms producers and exporters’ transparency:
Small Arms Trade Transparency Barometer: Interactive map (EN),one%20calendar%20year%20since%202001.

Small arms trade transparency barometer

4.      A report from SIPRI on conventional arms transfers and their control:
Reporting on conventional arms transfers and transfers’ control (EN)

SIPRI reporting conventional arms transfers

5.      SIPRI press release on the 25 top companies in international arms trade:
Global arms industry top 25 companies (EN) (only online)

SIPRI ventes des 25 grandes entreprises

6.      A report from SIPRI on transparency in arms procurement in the world (EN): Transparency in arms procurement, limitations and opportunities assessing global armaments developments

 SIPRI transparency in arms

7.      English summary of SIPRI annual report on arms trade (EN):

SIPRI yearbook

8.      Publication from SIPRI on 2019 trends in international arms transfers:
Trends in international arms transfer (EN),higher%20than%20in%202005%E2%80%932009.&text=From%209%20March%202020%20the,arms%20transfers%20for%201950%E2%80%932019.

SIPRI trends in international arms transfers

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