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Questions and Myths about the Arms trade


What is security? Rethinking our beliefs

This guide to our answers to the difficult questions posed by people in the arms trade, policy makers, or even our neighbours and friends who have disagreed with us in the past has been built on years of campaigning on the arms industry. From talking to military officials or arms dealers going into Eurosatory, the world’s largest arms fair, to protesting outside the DSEI arms fair in London, to interviews with the media, we have constantly been challenged about our vision of security. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we are sure that the current security system that relies heavily on weapons, violence and the military industrial complex is deeply flawed and there is a better way. This resource is for you to see how we answer some of the challenges such as ‘There’s nothing you can do when conflict breaks out, except fight to defend yourself.’ Or ‘We need the arms industry because it is a major employer.’ And we hope it will help you in your conversations!

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Stop Fuelling War's brochure on the myths about the arms trade: 

This brochure deconstruct the myths, questions and preconceptions you may hear about the arms trade in France and around the world


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