Why We Must Stop Fuelling War

The largest land and landair arms fair in the world, Eurosatory, scheduled for June 2020 in Paris is cancelled!!

With Covid-19, we can now all see that the threats facing humanity - health crises, degradation of the environment, conflicts over resources, rampant inequality - CAN'T be solved by highly expensive weaponry. Rather, governments should redirect resources to enable scientists and researchers to find solutions to protect the lives, health and livelihoods of all.

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On the 11th - 13th November, the Paris Peace Forum was held in the Grande Halle of la Villette in Paris - quite a feat for France, third largest arms exporter in the world, to organise a forum on peace. Yet, for three days, guests from around the world gathered to rethink global governance. Heads of State, government officials, international organisations; members of non-governmental organisations, journalists, activists, all were present with the same desire to change the world for the better. Starting from the observation that a poorly governed world would quickly become a world at war, the aim was to review the foundations of global governance and multilateralism.

Welcome to the first blog in our series: Youth in Peace, written by Kemmett, age 16. 

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As a neutral country, Switzerland is not thought of as a country currently actively participating in any wars. Switzerland has a mobilizable army which has international peacekeeping missions and is part of the NATO peace program. It is one of the biggest arms producers per capita in the world. Switzerland ships weapons to countries like Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates.

Yesterday (Wednesday 13th June 2018), the Paris Police Prefecture carried out live demonstrations at the Eurosatory arms fair. The scenario was an anti-terrorist operation. There were also demonstrations by the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) and the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI).

ZAD blockade

Stop Fuelling War President's report 2017

It has been a year of consolidation and positive advancement. We are investing for now and for the future and we have faith that our approach will bring fruit.

We are guided by our Quaker peace witness, and it seems to us that the arms trade is perceived positively and the public in France is not aware of Eurosatory. So that is our message this year to raise awareness of Eurosatory being held in Paris giving the arms industry legitimacy and prestige and there are alternatives to the military industrial complex.

In March last year we set up as an association 1901 and this is our first AG. Since then the bureaucracy has been challenging not least because the delays in the 6th arrondisment. We have raised money which has enabled us to employ Holly part time since January and recently we have a journalist Anne-Sophie, with us to raise our profile in the media. Having someone based in Paris is making all the difference to our efficiency and networking. We currently have 55 members.

Why am I part of ‘Stop Fuelling War’? Why do I help with organising the demonstrations? Why do I demonstrate at all?
These are not questions I already know the answers to. These are questions I use as a trick to get you reading these words. About five years ago I was an ordinary man like so many. Married, children, friends, hobbies. Yes, I was a Quaker then too. But I had not demonstrated in all my life.
I had not demonstrated all my life.
Why not?

Hello, my name is Erik Dries, I’m dutch and professional artist and I’m part of the steering committee of Stop Fuelling war. I like to draw and paint and so you’ll find cartoons and paintings I made on our website and during the demonstrations.
How does it work? How does a painting or drawing come alive?
Somebody asked me ‘do you see the picture in your mind when you start?’ Hmmm, I have never thought about that. I’d like to tell you something about this process of creating an illustration or a cartoon.

Where Eurosatory happens


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