This section provides useful resources you can use to learn about the arms trade, contribute to the debate and overcome the lack of transparency surrounding the subject. Our podcast, our publications and learning materials can help towards a better understanding of the impact of the arms trade on society and the issues that affect us all: security, health, the economy, climate, policing, peacebuilding, etc.

(Our resources by following the links are free to download)


Our Open editorial 

Following the cancellation of Eurosatory 2020 due to Covid-19 epidemic, we have published an open editorial "Why Eurosatory should be closed for good - and for the good of all":

Oped english

Briefing paper (available only in french for now)

Once by month, we publish a briefing paper which updated on the situation of the arms trade with various hot topics. You can find all of our brieging papers below from the most recent to the oldest:

Arms trade and Peacebuilding (Part 2)

peacebuilding english

Arms trade and Peacebuilding (Part 1)

 Briefing paper peacebuilding english



Arms trade and military spending

Briefing paper arms trade and military expenditure

Arms trade and climate change


Briefing paper arms trade climate change


Our guide on difficult questions (available only in french for now)

This little guide deconstructs the myths, questions and preconceptions you may hear about the arms trade in France and around the world:

questions difficiles

 Business versions of difficult questions (available only in french for now)

business version questions difficiles


Our guide on myths about arms trade