Controversial arms dealers and repressive regimes are coming next week to Eurosatory. 

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Paris, 7 June 2018 – Next Monday will see the opening of Eurosatory, the world's largest land and aerial weapons fair. In 2016, 1571 exhibitors came to Paris, among them very controversial companies notorious for their weapons sales to repressive regimes or countries already at war. This year, the event will again welcome big defence names linked by civil society to murderous conflicts. Eurosatory presents itself as an exceptional opportunity to meet the industrialists of air and land defence and security. These more or less household names come to promote the latest trends and innovative technologies in arms and war supplies : tanks, combat helicopters, firearms, knives, grenades, missiles ....


« Eurosatory is a place where arms dealers come to exhibit their latest products and present them to dozens of official delegations visiting the fair. Among the visitors are delegations from countries which abuse human rights. Last year, Saudi Arabia was a VIP visitor and most certainly it will be present this year as well. This is a big problem for us since their army has been bombing the Yemen since 2015 and therefore is likely to be guilty of war crimes », commented Holly Spencer of the association « Stop Fuelling War »

In 2016, the fair also welcomed delegations from countries which were under an arms embargo, such as PR China and Russia, or nations that had been criticised for their disregard for human rights, like Egypt or Nigeria, where the army has recently been accused by Amnesty International of the rape and ill treatment of civilians. According to Laëtitia Sédou, du ENAAT - European Network Against Arms Trade ""French and European arms exports are helping to exacerbate the global arms race and put increasingly sophisticated weapons in the hands of authoritarian regimes and other belligerents, with the forthcoming support of the highly defended European Defense Fund. by the French government. "

Among the list of 2018 exhibitors are enterprises which supplied armaments used in the Yemen war, such as Nexter which manufactures the tanks Leclerc, or BAE Systems which has sold Typhoon fighter planes to the Saudis. The company Renault Truck Defense will also be present, whose armoured vehicules were used by the Egyptians in 2013 to repress their own citizens. These were also probably deployed in the Sinai war, a conflict which has received little media coverage because of the army blockade, but which could cause a humanitarian crisis, according to Human Rights Watch.

The Israeli Elbit Systems and IAI, which produce the armed drones used in Gaza, will also have their stand, as will the Turkish company Otokar, whose armoured vehicles are used at the Turkish-Syrian border where refugees fleeing the war in their own country, are fired upon.

For Holly Spencer : « it is important to remember the end uses of the armaments being exhibited at Eurosatory. Apart from the stands and the demonstrations of technological prowess, these weapons are destined to kill, to control populations or to suppress them violently. »

Stop Fuelling War draws attention to President Macron's condemnation of the violence used by the Israeli armed forces against the demonstrators in Gaza, which has resulted in 123 deaths and hundreds of seriously injured people since 30 th March. The company which produces the assault rifles Tavor used by the Israeli soldiers, Israel Weapon Industry, will exhibit their wares at Eurosatory. There is a contradiction between France's stated goals concerning human rights and the fact that it hosts an arms fair like Eurosatory on its soil, inviting authoritarian or repressive regimes to meet arms dealers and buy equipment. We will try to highlight this debate during the entire arms fair which is the visible manifestation of the hypocrisy of all arms trafficking.

Activists from Stop Fuelling War will distribute the guide 'Who profits from Eurosatory ' produced by War Resisters International, which links some of the exhibitors, either for their participation in nuclear arms production, their complicity in corruption scandals, lobbying or wars. The list of exhibitors at Eurosatory 2018 can be seen by following this link:

Press contact : Holly Spencer, +33 6 74 21 46 36, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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