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For Stop Fuelling War, peace is not an abstract concept but something that impacts our everyday lives. We want to promote a different vision of security. 

$ 1981


The global military expenditure in 2020 (SIPRI, 2021)



is the budget of France’s Ministry of Armies (Defence Ministry) for 2022

33 %

of Europe's carbon footprint

The French military represents 1/3 of Europe's military carbon footprint.


what's the alternative?

resources on peace and security



Peacebuilding Conference on 10 February 2022

Thank you for attending the conference "Peacebuilding on the ground". We invited 3 speakers to discuss about their peacebuilding experiences and raise awareness about non-violence activities with local population. During this conference, we discussed approaches to consolidate and build peace in different countries and situations. The experts which have worked in Myanmar, UK, Republic of Congo and France were rich and exciting!

Thank you all for your presence and support!

Bannire confrence 10 fvrier 2022



Contribute your time or donate money to help us raise awareness about the arms trade.

We are asking for funds in order to

  • be an effective alternative voice to militarisation and profit at the cost of peace
  • raise awareness to students, the public and the workers and visitors to the arms trade Salon EUROSATORY
  • promote proven and effective non-violent solutions to conflict transformation

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