Stop Fuelling War’s activities and the current Covid-19 crisis:

We hope you and yours are all keeping well during the current difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
As you are no doubt aware, we at Stop Fuelling War - along with colleagues in the campaigning world, are facing new challenges. Events in the lead-up to the arms fair Eurosatory have been cancelled due to public health risks and government lock-down in France and elsewhere.

During 2019, we had planned several events – conferences, public awareness meetings, exhibitions, all of which are now impossible in their current form. These plans had been consolidated during the last few months and we were about to update you enthusiastically on the progress and how to participate in them.
But as of Saturday 14th March everything changed!
Now we are working to keep the momentum going as much as possible online. Thinking creatively to continue shining a light on the horrible consequences of the arms trade and the creeping militarisation of civil society. Politicians have responded to Covid 19 by using the language of war to control a virus and protect people from its consequences. We are learning that not all perceived enemies can be defeated just with sophisticated hyper-expensive weapons.

However, despite what is happening around us, we can see other opportunities and positive approaches to confronting and dealing with death and destruction. So we want to hear your thoughts on how to use our ongoing experiences to keep people focussed on the important issues of what true security for civilians and uniformed personnel actually means.

As you feel the reality of isolation, lack of resources and threats, we invite you to join in solidarity with the campaign to mark 5 years of the Yemen War and the arms sales that enable the deaths, starvation, bombing of hospitals and blockading which impact Yemeni civilians. Join us and many peace groups throughout Europe on March 25th. 

There is an infographic to go alongside the action, if you want to post that it is on this link in French and English. 

How to take part in the action:

Please take a picture of yourself on your smartphone with a message in front of you hand written on a piece of paper or cardboard;. I attach NaÏma's post to give you some inspiration.

You can write in French, English or you own language. Here are some ideas for your message:
- Guerre au Yémen, fabriquée en Europe
- War in Yemen Made in Europe
- Yémen : 5 années de guerre, 5 années de trop.
- Cessez d'alimenter la guerre au Yémen

and upload it: If you have a twitter or Facebook, please post with the hastags #stoparmingsaudi #warinyemen #madeinEurope

Keep safe and well - whether out doing vital work or isolating at home.
If you have any suggestions and thoughts email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We welcome your participation!