Stop Fuelling War’s activities and the current Covid-19 crisis:

We hope you and yours are all keeping well during the difficult times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 
As you are no doubt aware, we at Stop Fuelling War - along with colleagues in the campaigning/advocacy world, are facing new challenges. Events in the lead-up to the arms fair Eurosatory have been cancelled, (as was the Eurosatory arms fair), because of public health risks and government lock-down policies in France and elsewhere.

During 2019, we had planned several events

– conferences, public awareness meetings, exhibitions, all of which were impossible to do because of the pandemic. These plans had been finalised during the preceding few months and we were about to update you enthusiastically on our progress and inform you about how to participate.
But as of Saturday 14th March everything changed!

Now we are working to keep the momentum going as much as possible online. Thinking creatively about how to continue shining a light on the horrible consequences of the arms trade and the creeping militarisation of civil society. Politicians have responded to Covid-19 by applying the language of war in trying to control a virus, whilst attempting to protect people from its consequences. We are learning that not all perceived enemies can be defeated just with sophisticated hyper-expensive weapons.

However, despite what is happening around us, we can see other opportunities and positive approaches to confronting and dealing with death and destruction. We want to hear your thoughts on how to apply our experiences: how do we keep people focussed on the important issues of what true security for civilians and uniformed personnel actually means.