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Eurosatory is the largest land & air-land arms trade fair in the world. It covers a wide range of "products" from vehicles (tanks, armoured vehicles, trucks) to small arms (guns, missiles, knives) through communications systems, uniforms, logistics services, and also simulation, operational medicine and disaster responses, etc. 'Security' sales include monitoring, alert and emergency responses solutions as well as civil security with the presence of firefighter, among other institutions.

Eurosatory's primary business of selling arms grows every year at the expense of investment and focus on effective, known and innovative non-violent solutions to defence and security. The next arms salon in France will be June 11- 15 2018 at Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris.


Facts: In 2016 it had 5700 visitors, 1571 exhibitors and official delegations of military and governments from 120 countries, including dictatorships, repressive regimes, countries known to be involved in human rights abuses, breaking United Nations directives, countries currently involved in war crimes. 

The deals made at the salon make the world less safe for millions of people. >> www.eurosatory.com

It is organised by COGES in partnership with the French Ministry of Defence. We do not know how much financial support it is given. COGES is an affiliation of arms and related product suppliers in France.

Eurosatory gives an air of respectability and a sanitised public face to a shadow world. Non-weapons based approaches are completely under-funded and under-represented. Defence and security requires proven and innovative conflict transformation. 

Weapons will either be used or stored in warehouses, taking money away from help for the citizens of the arms-buying countries. Their use breeds terrorism, produces war refugees and instability. Corruption is rife in the purchase of weapons. 

The arms manufacturers bankroll lobbyists and have a disproportionate influence over governments. In the current climate there is profit in fear, giving a false sense of security and bolstering egos of government leaders. 

Armaments often end up in hands of terrorists and dictators. That does not make us safer, the opposite is true. Meanwhile funding is diverted away from reducing violence, investing in conflict prevention and other issues which affect individuals in our societies, such as health care, housing and employment.

The deals made at the salon make the world less safe for millions of people.

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