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Are we just idealists?
Or is there concrete evidence how we could invest in building real security – instead of adding to the violence of the world?

Stop Fuelling War exists to witness against the arms trade and to show why it makes the world more dangerous, and not safer.
We are told we can have security if we are protected by a strong military equipped with powerful weapons.
We’re also told that each country needs its own weapon manufacturers to ensure that each country can guarantee its supply of weapons.

But we challenge this!
What if the weapons industry only sells a small proportion of the arms to our military, and most is exported?
What if our country’s arms industry sells weapons to people who use them to make the world less safe?
- to oppressive governments who use military equipment to attack public protests and to torture political prisoners.
- selling arms to both sides in a conflict, increasing fear and making the consequences of war much worse.

Our governments know that security in our own countries does not mean flooding society with weapons, so why do we think that selling huge quantities of weapons to different countries and groups across the world will make the world safer? Profit is a large part of the answer.

How often have you heard non-military security policies being discussed by politicians or in the media?

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