Tasks that volunteers can do to help SFW

SFW has various tasks that could be done by volunteers. If you are interested in the news, peace groups or language there might be something here for you. These might be one off tasks or take a couple of hours a month or week to do; some are secretarial roles, some people roles and some computer based skills. These are all generally at distance roles but meeting in person is always productive and also rewarding so that will be up to you. Some of these roles will work with others, some are solo roles.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you can help with any of the following:

Arranger of meetings. Note taker at steering committee meetings and send off. Secretarial role. English
Arrange by email a meeting then, once a month 2 hours evening meeting and writing up notes, sending them out

Keeping an eye on French newspapers and magazines for relevant items, filtering and filing them
3 Hours per week or more or less. French

Keeping an eye on English language newspapers and magazines for relevant items, filing them
3 Hours per week or more or less

Finding a volunteer in the UK
People person role. To represent us in the UK and take on various roles. Hopefully this will lead to a part time paid rôle for that person

A treasurer for end of 2023 into 2024
Understands accounts, works on line, able to work in both languages. English /French.
Shadow current treasurer, 2 hours per month

Organise Assemblée générale. French / English
Once a year, maybe10 hours. Schedule, invitations, secretarial rôle at AG, uploading to administration if possible

Membership secretary. People and computer person . Eng/French
Tracking membership, payments, carry out membership ideas, a few hours once a month

Funder relationships. People person
English /French
Thank you letters and follow up, once a month an hour or two

Small scale fund raising initiatives/ support. Creative peoples person
Could be small or larger task, minimum 2 hours per month

Running survey (already set up). Computer person
One-off task, 5 hours

Finding outlets for our published materials. Creative thinker English
Expandable role

Finding outlets for our published materials. creative thinker French
Expandable role

Follow and keep in touch with Peace Groups in France. French
From 1 hour per week

Follow and keep in touch with English speaking Peace Groups. English
From 1 hour per week

Help schedule and supply of exhibition. French
2 hours per month

Translations English > French, French > English
Intermittent from one page to more

Be SFW twitter messenger. Preferably a bilingual person
Needs to be a twitter follower, one hour per fortnight for a posting in French or English

Instagram messenger. Social media savvy English
2 hour every two weeks

Keeping in contact with European Quaker groups. People person. English/French
Expandable role

Keeping in contact with UK Quaker groups. Peoples person. English
Expandable role 

A link person for volunteers. Peoples person. English/French
perhaps thee hours per month

Creative copywriting. French

Editing. French. Occasional document checking
Editing. English. Occasional document checking

Following up on ‘peace technologies’ . Analytical skills. English
Project :10 hours reading and note taking initially


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